Alongside their concert programming, the Tippett Quartet has a serious commitment to working with children by making chamber music an interactive and exciting experience. This is an important feature of their educational work as they hope to inspire younger generations to become more involved in music making.

TQ Masterclass

The Tippett Quartet pursues a keen interest in educational work with both schools and universities. They were Ensemble in Residence at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge University for 2012-13 and from 2015 they have been resident at Royal Holloway University, London.

New Discoveries

Composition is an integral part of musical training and with their experience of the many and varied forms of contemporary music the Tippett Quartet can offer Quartet composition workshops for aspiring composers. This opportunity will give any composer direct contact with the performers, enabling new ideas and techniques to be explored and most importantly a chance to hear the composition.

Purcell To Piazzolla – A Young Persons Guide To The String Quartet

An informative recital/talk, which presents a variety of contrasting works to display how the approach to String Quartet writing has changed over the past 300 years.

The Inner Workings Of The String Quartet

An interactive recital/talk that will cover:

  • The role each individual player takes whilst playing in a quartet.
  • How different composers have written for the instruments to create specific effects.
  • How to rehearse in a string quartet – making challenging passages easier & improving overall quartet sound.

This Workshop Can Be Tailored To Suit A Younger Audience

  • Exploration of the members of the string family and how each instrument works.
  • The sounds that can be produced and how this is achieved.
  • How the four instruments blend together.
  • A chance to have a go on the instruments and play as a string quartet.

We are also happy to modify our other workshop programmes to accommodate a younger/older audience – please contact us to discuss further development of any of our programmes.

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